Sentient logo

Sentient is an independent software company, based in Amsterdam, with a long track record in data mining and business intelligence. Since 1991, Sentient has enabled many organizations to discover patterns and trends in their data. This has provided more insight and an improved information position to make accurate forecasts and better decisions. Customers of Sentient include Delta Lloyd, KPN, De Telegraaf (Netherlands’ largest newspaper), police forces, libraries and tax offices in the Netherlands and abroad.


Sentient believes that data mining does not have to be difficult and that there should be an interaction between automatic techniques and the analytic skills of the user. Sentient’s software therefore proves itself through user friendliness and options for interactive analysis.

Management Team

Sentient’s management team consists of:

  • Tim den Uyl (CEO), former machine vision engineer at VicarVision, now CEO of Sentient, VicarVision and ParaBotS.
  • Hans Kapitein (managing developer), lead developer of DataDetective since 2003.
  • Pieter Bison (managing consultant), very experienced data mining specialist.