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Sentient Information Systems is part of the Sentient Machine Research group. This group has been developing Artificial Intelligence technologies and applications since 1990 and presently consists of three companies active in different AI application areas. The group counts 20+ AI specialists with backgrounds in AI, mathematics, informatics, software engineering and psychology and is located in the center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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At VicarVision the term vicarious perception is used to illustrate the underlying purpose of the technology, which is to automatically observe the world and translate what is perceived into human understandable terms.

Vicar Vision creates vicarious perception technologies to facilitate analysis and interpretation of image and video data. Their products support or replace human observers in efficient and accurate routine processing of large amounts of visual information.

Human Insight Services


Human Insight Services provides cloud-based services for human emotion and behaviour analysis. Their first service “FaceReader Online” is now available for early adopters.
FaceReader Online allows companies and scientists to effectively perform online marketing or scientific research. Using webcam recordings, the facial expressions of a large number of participants can be analyzed and interpreted.

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ParaBotS develops applications and services that make sense of the ever growing stream of information on the Internet, in newspapers, and other media. State-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning techniques are used for information extraction, text mining, and web searching.