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Sentient is an independent software company, based in Amsterdam, with more than 15 years experience in data mining and business intelligence. Sentient's technology plays an important role in information processing within various police forces, banks, insurance companies, libraries and tax offices in the Netherlands and abroad. Read more > Do you suspect that a wealth of information remains hidden in your data? With the free Sentient Quickscan, you will learn how data mining can benefit your business. It is easy, fast and free. Read more > Various police forces use DataDetective to analyze the growing amount of available data, in order to solve crimes, do research and reach more effective planning methods. Police officers are enabled to quickly discover trends, find explanations, gain an overview of existing problems and make forecasts. Read more > September 2013: Sentient has coupled Initiative's Connections Panel data to Sentient's DataDetective Data Mining suite. The Connections Panel of Initiative contains data of thousands of consumers with over a thousand attributes in the field of (social) media, sports, mobility, finances etc.
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