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Our Team

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Tim den Uyl

Managing Director

Tim - an engineer with MSc in Artificial Intelligence - and 10 years of experience in machine vision and programming - counts hundreds of scientific citations and leadership of several EU R&D and a dozen of commercial projects to his name.


Pieter Bison

Head of Consultants

Pieter is a co-inventor and principal developer of DataDetective. He supervised/executed ca. 100 R&D projects. He boasts 20+ years in data mining, data warehouse infrastructure and programming.


Hans Kapitein

Head of Developers

Hans boasts 20+ year of experience in the industry. Hans proves that no technological feat is too big to tackle. From business analysis to technological solutions, you want this hard working innovator in your corner.


Ineke Debets

Head of Finance

Ineke  is an experienced financial executive with 15 years of experience in accounting and finance, with knowledge of capital and legal structures.


Peter Lewinski

Head of Business Development

Peter is an Oxford graduate with postdoc/assistant professor in economics from the top business schools, with hundreds of citations and 8 years of experience in A.I. He is an ex-ING Director where he led 10 data scientists.


Franjo Bartels

Senior Software Engineer

Franjo is a veteran developer who is always looking for the next big challenge. Passionate about coding, from low level hardware projects to advanced GIS functionalities and solutions.


Vincent Hoekstra

Machine Learning Engineer

Eager and curious, Vincent is a key engineer behind our products and services. He solves problems for our clients on daily basis and he makes sure that our offerings run smoothly. He can do magic with ETL and SQL in a no time!


Roos Westerbeek

Data Scientist

Roos eats math problems for breakfast. With a Msc in Mathematics and a passion for data, she reveals all secrets hidden in your data.

Our Team: Our Team
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