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About Us

Being part of a Sentient society means we operate in a fast-paced world where changes happen often and quickly. This section includes all the necessary information about how we operate, as well as legal and corporate governance disclaimers. If you have any questions about us, please get in touch today.


Our Team

We wouldn’t be able to take Sentient to the next level without our incredible team of entrepreneurs who collaborate together to make each project come to life. Our staff runs like a well-oiled machine, offering all of our clients a smart and useful products aimed at making their lives better. Read below to learn more about the incredible Sentient team.

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Our Clients

Sentient is an independent A.I. boutique software house, based in Amsterdam, with a long track record in A.I. and data science. Since 2001, Sentient has enabled many organizations to discover patterns and trends in their data. This has provided more insight and an improved information to make accurate forecasts and better decisions.

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Corporate Governance

Learn more about our corporate governance, legal form and the management team.

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Privacy Policy

At Sentient, we take data privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes the nature of the data Sentient collects and what we do to ascertain that we follow EU legislation.


Sentient was founded by Marten den Uyl in 2003 as part of the SMR-group. 
Marten den Uyl was a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. He was interested in computers early on, but because in that time no degree in artificial intelligence existed yet, he studied cognitive psychology. He wanted to understand how the brain could make complex computations, to create computers that could achieve similar intelligence. He was especially interested in one of the most complex human characteristics: emotions. After his studies, he started a doctorate training on resonant field computing (an early machine learning paradigm) in the 1980’s under the guidance of renowned emotion researcher Prof. Nico Frijda. 

However, he did not want to be limited to academic research and wanted to bring his creative ideas into practice, subsequently, he started Sentient Machine Research in 1990. From this company, he built three different companies with a focus on data mining, computer vision and sentiment analysis that aim to create state of the art artificial intelligence solutions inspired by human cognition and emotion.

Marten den Uyl
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