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Privacy Policy

At Sentient, we take data privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes the nature of the data Sentient collects and what we do to ascertain that we follow EU legislation.

Experience in data governance

Sentient is a dedicated team of highly skilled data specialists. For over 25 years, Sentient has developed state of the art data mining products and solutions for clients and partners in industry and academia always adhering to strict data privacy and sharing standards.

Sentient has experience in storing and processing de-identified personal data collected by third parties both on our own facilities, but also on client sites.

Sentient believes in developing and maintaining long standing relationships with clients, the most notable being the Dutch Police.

Sentient develops case-by-case data sharing protocols for each client and business case it encounters. Sentient carefully honors third party informed consent agreements and its own protocols. Furthermore, despite being an organization of fewer than 250 people, Sentient has a Privacy Officer in place dedicated to maintaining our GDPR compliance.

Does Sentient share the data It receives?

Sentient follows case-by-case client/partner specific policies with respect to which parties can view, access, and analyze the data. In many cases, Sentient analyses sensitive data at the data owner’s site so as to eliminate breaches of sensitive data.

When Sentient performs analysis at its headquarters, it only stores de-identified data.

Should it be unclear of what data the company can share with third parties or the public, Sentient contacts data owners to clarify what are the company’s rights in sharing the data.

Privacy by design

In Sentient solutions, the company only stores absolutely necessary data and makes sure that only the parties with rights to the data can view and edit. Sentient solutions are often installed on-site and adhere to privacy-by-design protocols.

As an example, DataDetective, Sentient’s solution for data-mining, is used by the Dutch Police Authorities. Given the sensitive nature of the data, Sentient stores no data, Data-Detective runs on the police servers and any data processing is done at Police Headquarters.


Do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Officer.

Informatieplicht - Direct Marketing:


De ontvanger geïnformeerd over de grondslag voor de gegevensverwerking voor direct marketing:


  • De grondslag voor de gegevensverwerking van de ontvanger voor direct marketing is  gerechtvaardigd belang (overweging 47 van de Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming van de AVG)


De ontvanger geïnformeerd over welke persoonsgegevens gebruiken zijn voor direct marketing:

  • Volgende persoonsgegevens gebruiken zijn voor direct marketing: naam van de bedrijf, webpagina van de bedrijf, locatie van de bedrijf (meestal alleen stad en land), industrie van de bedrijf, zakelijke titel van de leidinggevende, eerste en laatste naam van de leidinggevende, zakelijke e-mail van de leidinggevende, andere gerelateerde pagina’s


De ontvanger geïnformeerd over de aard en frequentie van de direct marketing:

  • Aard: marketingonderzoek te uitvoeren en om nieuwe (soorten) van klanten te ontdekken

  • Frequentie: gemiddeld - vier keer over een maand in periode van de 12 maanden (dus gemiddeld vier keer in 12 maanden); maximum: vier keer over een maand in periode van de 3 maanden (dus maximum vier keer in 3 maanden)


De ontvanger geïnformeerd over hoe lang u zijn gegevens gebruikt voor direct marketing:

  • De gegevens zijn gebruikt voor direct marketing maximum drie jaren


Is de informatie duidelijk en gescheiden van overige informatie? En niet verstopt in de kleine lettertjes:

  • Deze informatie is duidelijk en gescheiden van overige informatie en niet verstopt in de kleine lettertjes


Bezwaar maken

De ontvangers kunnen gemakkelijk van de direct marketing bezwaar maken tegen verwerking van hun persoonsgegevens. Dat meteen kan bij het eerste contact met:

  • De ontvangers kunnen gemakkelijk van de direct marketing bezwaar maken tegen verwerking van hun persoonsgegevens door emailen of beantwoorden de eerste (of volgende direct marketing berichten). 

  • Bij het eerste contact (of volgende direct marketing berichten) de ontvangers meteen kan bezwaar maken tegen verwerking van hun persoonsgegevens door makkelijk beantwoorden de mail als elke e-mail zegt “Please reply “no thanks” if you would no longer like to receive any communications from me or visit”

Privacy Officer

w. e. 

t. ++31 (0)20 530 0330

a. Singel 160, 1015 AH Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Following the GDPR, you are hereby informed that your personal data was found through Google Search or through tools such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Seamless AI, Anyleads, etc. Your personal data was manually processed in our CRM for direct marketing purpose. According to the GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority, however, direct marketing purpose may be regarded as a legitimate interest which doesn't require the consent of the data subject. Your personal data is stored in our CRM and will not be processed for any other purpose than direct marketing. According to the GDPR, you have the following rights in regards to your personal data: 1. To object to any further processing of your personal data for direct marketing purpose. We will update our CRM immediately after your objection to guarantee that we do not contact you again. 2. Request a copy of your personal data. 3. Request a full erasure of your personal data from our CRM. To object or express a request, you can simply reply to the first (or any other email sent to you) with the number(s) of the point(s) related to the right(s) you would like to exercise. For example, if you do not want to receive any direct marketing email from us, simply reply "1" to the first email or inform us at

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