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Since 2001, Sentient has enabled many organizations to discover patterns and trends in their data. This has provided more insight and an improved information to make accurate forecasts and better decisions. 

Customers of Sentient include Delta Lloyd, KPN, De Telegraaf (Netherlands’ largest newspaper), police forces, libraries and tax offices in the Netherlands and abroad.

Dutch Police Force

Crime Fighting

Enable police forces to apply DataDetective in strategy, planning and crime analysis with data mining.

City of Amsterdam

Crime Fighting

Analyze and predict posession of arms in Amsterdam, using DataDetective.

delta lloyd


Provide the integral analytical CRM service for Delta Lloyd insurance plus agents in business to business.

OHRA Insurance


Analyze connections between medications and illnesses for Ohra insurance.

Bank of Scotland


Predict mortgage switching for Bank of Scotland, using self-learning models.

Banque Populaire


Determine optimal ATM locations for Banque Populaire.


People Analytics

Analyze KPN’s employee file to recognize talented people within the organization more early.


People Analytics

Sentient's DataDetective helped Matchcare by analyzing the job market and by matching people to vacancies.

De Telegraaf


Enable De Telegraaf (the largest newspaper in the Netherlands) to advice advertizers in their marketing strategy, using DoelgroepDetector.



Advice music to visitors of the Muziekweb, using the Sentient Recommender.

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