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Fibre Optics


Those who want to analyze rich data in order to gain optimum insight into the existing target groups will lose a lot of time and will have to deal with complex statistical techniques. For this reason, Sentient has developed the Target Group Detector.

Key Characteristics

Visual segmentation

This unique technique divides a group of consumers into subgroups on the basis of similarities.

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Fuzzy matching

Target groups can be defined with various powerful selection methods including so-called fuzzy matching. This makes it possible to select a group that meets the most on the basis of an ideal profile.

Decision trees

To better understand a target group, the function decision trees can be used to find the combinations of factors related to a certain property, for example the use of a specific product.

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Profiling will help to find the most typical features of a target group in thousands of characteristics at the touch of a button.

Geographic analysis

The data can be linked to GIS software (e.g. MapInfo or Google Maps) to map analysis results. This makes the creation of hotspot and prediction maps very easy.

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Through the use of data mining techniques, target groups are mapped and the user gets more insight into potential customers. At the same time, it is possible to examine each target group from different perspectives and to accurately determine exactly what this groups characterizes.

College Students

More information

For more information or a demonstration of the Target Group Detector fill out this form. Sentient regularly organizes seminars where you can gain on-site experience with the Target Group Detector. 

It is also possible to get a free trial version of the product, with which you can try the package.

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