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Do you suspect that a wealth of information remains hidden in your data?

With data mining you will see more, find more.

Recent years have seen a rapid growth of the number of organizations that apply data mining. Nonetheless, data mining remains something rather vague and its added value is not always clear. Sentient offers a data mining Quickscan to organizations that want to find out whether investments in data mining will be profitable for them.

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Seeing is believing

How does it work?

When you order a Quickscan, one of Sentient’s experienced consultants schedules a meeting with you. He or she establishes a profile of the data mining potential in your organization. The profile will be based on your specific requirements, the market domain you are operating in, and the information management process that is used in your organization. The results of the Quickscan are presented in a written report. With this service, Sentient offers an ideal chance to quickly explore the added value of data mining for your organization.

Another unique thing about the Quickscan is that it also allows to demonstrate the potential of data mining on your own data (if you have it available) ! Immediate relevant results are generated, based on a subset of your own database. 

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