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Customer Intelligence

Knowing your customers is becoming a greater challenge than ever. The stream of internal and external data is growing, the market is becoming more complex and behavior is getting more individualistic. When will a customer be interested in product X? Which customers show the highest potential? Which customers are about to leave?

DataDetective allows to better understand and predict customer behavior by applying data mining to customer data.

Crime Analysis

DataDetective plays a key role in the information supply chain for a growing number of police forces in the Netherlands. After a short training session, police officers can easily discover patterns and trends, make forecasts, find relationships and possible explanations, map criminal networks and identify possible suspects.

The unique data mining technology of DataDetective is applied to a large analysis database (data warehouse) containing data from various police systems and external sources, such as weather data, sociodemographics and maps.

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Risk Analysis

DataDetective helps organizations to quickly develop risk profiles from large databases. Its unique technology is able to detect interesting cases in the data based on multiple factors. For instance, fraud detection with data mining not only looks at unusual transfer sums, but also at the entire context in the personal dossier and transactions. This way, accurate models can be trained that predict risks at an individual level.

Case Studies

Discover customer cases about mortgage switching prediction, analytical CRM services for insurance companies and data mining for crime analysis.

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