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Risk Analysis

Use Data to Hedge Your Risks

Many organizations have to deal with some forms of unwanted behavior that are often hard to find in a sea of data. Data mining uses targeted search to identify those situations with the highest risk. This way, available resources can be focused to reduce the greatest expenses and to deal with misdemeanors in the most effective way.

DataDetective helps organizations to quickly develop risk profiles from large databases. Its unique technology is able to detect interesting cases in the data based on multiple factors. For instance, fraud detection with data mining not only looks at unusual transfer sums, but also at the entire context in the personal dossier and transactions. This way, accurate models can be trained that predict risks at an individual level.

Credit Card

Fraud Detection

Discover irregularities and to recognize risk profiles that indicate fraud.

Credit Assessment

Credit Risk

Predict payment problems.

Rule Violation

Determine where the highest probabilities for rule violations are, for instance for customs and inspection services.


Claims History

Analyze claim history to help insurance companies improve their admittance and premium policy to minimize costs.

Freight Insurance

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